7 CFR § 273.11(j)(1)-(9)

Do not increase SNAP benefits when the EDG’s TFA, SAGA, or SSUP benefits decrease or end due to a penalty for:

  • intentionally failing to comply with a program requirement, or
  • intentional program violation or fraud in that program. 

See Budgeting.

Note: Do not end SNAP benefits when the EDG’s TFA, SAGA, or SSUP program ends due to the EDG’s failure to comply with a requirement of the program.


7 CFR § 273.11(j)(1)-(9)

Do not apply this policy when:

  • A child is not eligible because of a family cap
  • Information regarding the means-tested program penalty cannot be obtained. Record the actions taken to try to obtain the information.
  • The EDG/individual fails to complete a procedural requirement


    • Completing a PRF
    • Providing required verification
  • The EDG/individual fails to complete an action they are unable to perform
  • The EDG/individual fails to comply with a requirement at application for the means-tested program
  • The EDG/individual fails to reapply or complete the application process at renewal
  • The EDG/individual reaches a time-limit
  • The EDG/individual was not receiving SNAP at the time of the means-tested program disqualification/penalty
  • The EDG/individual disqualification/penalty was applied at renewal of the means-tested program and there was a break in participation in the means-tested program.


7 CFR § 273.11(j)(3)-(4)

Reduce the SNAP benefits by 20% when a member is sanctioned for a means-tested program non-compliance.

Penalty Time Period

7 CFR § 273.11(j)(2) and (5)

Budget the penalty until the:

  • individual complies with the means-tested program requirements,
  • individual leaves the household,
  • individual is ineligible for the means-tested program for a reason not related to the penalty, or
  • the means-tested program ends.

Review the case annually for disqualifications lasting longer than 12 months to determine if the disqualification still applies.

Acting on Changes

7 CFR § 273.11(j)(8)

Continue to act on changes for SNAP not related to the means-tested program penalty.

Example: The EDG reports and verifies they now pay dependent care for their one-year-old child. Add the dependent care and budget as a deduction. Continue to apply the 20% SNAP reduction.

Example: The EDG’s earned income decreases and the TFA benefit increases because of the decrease in earned income. Budget the:

  • new amount of earned income,
  • new amount of TFA benefits, and
  • the 20% SNAP reduction.

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