7 CFR § 273.1(e)

Strikers are individuals who join other employees in stopping or interrupting work to protest work conditions, or to force the employer to accept the employees’ demands. Individuals are strikers until they:

  • return to work,
  • are fired, or
  • quit their job.

Individuals who are not strikers include but are not limited to:

  • employees whose workplace is closed because of a lockout;
  • employees not part of the bargaining unit on strike who do not want to cross the picket line due to fear of injury or death; and
  • individuals unable to work due to striking employees.


    • Employees laid off or furloughed due to the strike.
    • Truck drivers not working because products are not being produced.
  • individuals exempt from work registration the day before the strike began.

Exception: Does not include the exemption for being employed 30 hours or more.

Applying for SNAP

7 CFR § 273.1(e) & 7 CFR § 273.2(a)(1) and (c)(1) and (n)(1)(i)

The striker EDG may apply for SNAP or choose an A-Rep


7 CFR § 273.1(e) & 7 CFR § 273.2(j)(4)(v)(C)

EDGs with striking members are not eligible for SNAP unless the EDG:

  • was eligible for benefits the day before the strike began, and
  • are eligible for benefits when they apply.

Striker EDGs receive the same service and processing standards, and must meet the same eligibility requirements as other EDGs, with the following exceptions:


7 CFR § 273.1(e)(1)-(2) & 7 CFR § 273.9(2)(ii) & 7 CFR § 273.10(e)(1)(i)

1. Determine the gross income by budgeting the:

  • current income of the non-striking members, and 
  • the higher of the striker’s income from the:

2. Determine the EDG’s net income by allowing:

  • deductions for the current month, and
  • the earned income deduction for all EDG members, including the striker.

Continue to follow Steps 1 and 2 above as long as the individual is a striker.

Count strike benefits, including picket pay, as unearned income.

Voluntary Quit

7 CFR § 273.7(j)(3)(ii)

Federal, State, or local government employees who go on strike have voluntarily quit their job without good cause. 

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