7 CFR § 274.1(b)(1) & 7 CFR 273.3(b)

An EBT account is created upon application approval.  EDGs access SNAP benefits using reusable plastic EBT cards to purchase eligible items at a retail food store.  

The EDG may contact Customer Service at (1-888) 328-2666 if they have questions about accessing their benefits.  Additionally, the EDG may establish a web account through ConneCT to:

  • Change their PIN
  • Check their SNAP balance
  • Contact Customer Service

Note:  The EBT account is closed when all EDG members are deceased, and the SNAP case is closed.   See Expunged EBT Benefits.

Issuing EBT Cards

7 CFR § 274.2(b) and (f) 

Authorize the EBT card through ImpaCT to the head of household and up to one A-Rep and one authorized shopper.  The EBT card is mailed no later than the next day after it is authorized.  The EBT card should be available within 2-mailing days.  EBT cards have no expiration date.

A-Rep and authorized shopper cards contain their name and the head of household’s identification number.

EBT cards for homeless individuals are mailed to the: 

  • local office, or 
  • the mailing address the individual provided where notices and the EBT card can be received. 

Note:  The card must be available and allow the individual to access their benefits no later than the expedited service or normal processing timeframes

Activating the EBT Card

7 CFR § 274.2(b) and CT Process

Initial cards are activated when all the following occur: 

  • Benefits are available.
  • The EBT card has been issued. 
  • The individual contacts Customer Service and sets a PIN.  

To set a PIN the individual must provide: 

  • the 18-digit card number and 
  • the head of household’s: 
  • date of birth, and 
  • last 4 digits of their SSN.

Contact the EBT Unit at (860) 424-4855 if the individual is unable to set a PIN.

Replacing EBT Cards

7 CFR § 274.2(f) & 7 CFR § 274.6(b)(2) and (4) and CT Process

Request a new EBT card: 

  • when there’s a change in the: 
  • head of household, 
  • A-Rep, or 
  • authorized shopper, or
  • the card holder reports their card was:
  • damaged,
  • lost, 
  • never received, or 
  • stolen.  

Note:  Benefits are not replaced for losses occurring before the report was made.  DSS will replace benefits accessed after the individual reports a lost or stolen EBT card.  

Replace the card through the Benefit Issuance - Card Replacement page in ImpaCT.  The replacement card is mailed to the individual.  Previous cards are deactivated when a replacement is requested.

Changing PINs

7 CFR § 274.2(f)(1)-(2) & 7 CFR § 274.6(b)(1)-(3) and CT Process

Advise the card holder they can change their PIN at any time by:

  • contacting Customer Service, or 
  • changing their PIN online through their web account. 

Changing a PIN requires:

  • Client ID (9-digit numeric – starting with 2 zeros)
  • Existing PIN (6-digit numeric)
  • New PIN (six-digit numeric)

Customers who forget their PIN must call the DSS Benefit Center to delete their IVR accounts.  Benefit Center staff reset the IVR PIN through the Worker Portal.

Excessive Card Replacements

7 CFR § 274.6(b)(6)(ii)

EDGs receive a notice from State Office when a 4th EBT card replacement is requested in a 12-month period.  The notice provides the following information: 

  • The EDG requested a greater number of EBT card replacements than normal in a 12 month period.
  • The number of replacement EBT cards issued. 
  • Their EBT transactions are now being monitored. 
  • What is considered misuse or fraudulent use of SNAP benefits. 
  • DSS will investigate the EDG for misuse or fraud if additional cards are ordered.
  • Properly using or replacing their EBT card.
  • Contact number for questions.  

If an investigation is completed, State Office advises the field office of any required actions.

Inactive EBT Accounts

7 CFR § 274.2(h)(1) and (3)

Inactive EBT accounts are SNAP benefits not used by the EDG in 90 days.  An automated notice is sent to the EDG providing the following information:

  • Their benefits have not been accessed in 90 days, and asks if they are having issues with their account. 
  • Lists some possible issues and solutions.
  • Contact numbers if the EDG has questions.
  • Benefits will be removed from their account if no withdrawals are completed.  

EDGs can access inactive benefits until the benefits are expunged. 

Exception:  See Paying a Claim.

Expunged EBT Accounts

7 CFR § 274.2(h)(2) and (3)

Expunged benefits are SNAP benefits not used by the EDG in 274 days.  An alert is sent to the worker to start closure action.

Exception:  Benefits are immediately expunged when a deceased individual match shows all members of the EDG are deceased, and the information is verified.

Expunged benefits are returned to the Federal SNAP program.  

Exception:  See Paying a Claim.

EDGs cannot access or have expunged benefits returned to their account.