7 CFR § 273.9(d)(4)

Allow the actual cost of dependent care expenses.  Dependent care is limited to individuals: 

Note: The individual needing the care does not have to be a SNAP household member or live with the SNAP household as long as someone in the EDG is responsible for their care.

For example, a SNAP household member is responsible for care of her elderly disabled mother who doesn’t live them.

Examples of dependent care providers are:

  • Before or after school programs 
  • Latch key programs, such as but not limited to:  
    • The Boys and Girls Club 
    • YMCA 
    • YWCA 
  • Private arrangements with individuals not in the EDG
  • Summer camps

Expense Allowed

7 CFR § 273.9(c)(3)(x) and (d)(4)

Allow dependent care costs only if the care is needed to permit an EDG member to:

  • Accept a job or continue working, regardless of whether the income is counted or excluded.
  • Attend training or education to prepare the individual for work.
  • Comply with work requirements.
  • Look for work. 

Allow the following costs:

  • Activity or other fees required to participate in the care;
  • Transportation costs to and from program sites. Use the actual cost of public transportation or the Federal mileage rate; and
  • Unreimbursed billed expense.

Note:  Costs of care can be claimed as a medical expense, or a dependent care expense, but not both. 

Expense Not Allowed

7 CFR § 273.9(c)(14) and (d)(4) & 7 CFR § 273.10(d)(1)(i)-(ii) & 7 CFR § 273.11(c)(1)-(3)

Do not allow a dependent care expense:

  • if the care is provided by a member of the same SNAP household as the individual needing care; 
  • if the care is paid for by some in-kind benefit, such as food; 
  • if the cost is used as a medical expense; or
  • for the portion of expense covered by an excluded reimbursement or vendor payment, such as TCC.


7 CFR § 273.2(f)

Verify the deduction only if questionable.  

Review the Care 4 Kids database for payments.  Care 4 Kids information is verified upon receipt.  

For required verification not verified through Care 4 Kids, provide the EDG with form W-1224, SNAP Dependent Care Agreement, for each dependent care provider to verify the cost. The EDG and provider must complete and sign the form.  Allow the EDG 10 days to return the form.  Treat verification not provided in time to meet the action timeliness standard, but submitted later, as a verified change.  

Note:  The W-1224 is the preferred method of verifying dependent care expenses. The Verification Desk Guide also outlines other acceptable forms of verification, such as a signed statement from the provider, receipts, etc. 

Take the following actions if verification is requested. 


7 CFR § 273.2(f)(3)(ii) and (i)(3) and (4)(B)

Process the application without the expense if verification of questionable information is not submitted prior to the end of the 30-day processing period. 

Postpone verification for expedited service month(s), unless verification can be provided in time to meet the 7-day processing timeframe.

Periodic Report

7 CFR § 273.12(c)(1)-(2)

  • Increased Benefits:
    • Act on the reported change.  
    • Verify if questionable.  If questionable:
      • Send the EDG a W-1348, Proofs We Need, requesting any required verifications not provided with the PRF.  Allow the EDG 10 days to verify the reported change.
      • Do not act on the reported change if the EDG fails to provide required verifications by the W-1348 due date.  Verify and act on the change at renewal.
  • Decreased Benefits/Closes Case:
    • Act on the reported change.  Verify questionable changes at renewal if verification is not provided with the PRF.

Interim Change

7 CFR § 273.12(c)(1)-(4)

Do not allow the expense if a new expense is reported and required verification is not submitted by the requested due date.

Take the following actions when a change in payment is reported and benefits will:

  • Increase – Get verification.  Do not change the amount if verification is not provided.  Use the previously verified amount.
  • Decrease - Process the change and get verification at renewal. 


7 CFR § 273.2(f)(8)(i)-(iv) & 7 CFR § 273.14(b)(4)

Process the renewal without the expense if a new expense or a change in expense is reported and required verification is not submitted by the requested due date.