Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) - The former name of the USCIS in the DHS.

INA - Immigration and Nationality Act

Inaccessible Income - Income the EDG should receive but cannot receive due to situations beyond their control.

Inadvertent Household Error (IHE) - An overpayment resulting from a misunderstanding or unintended error on the part of the EDG. IHE was formerly called UPV.

Incapacitated - A permanent or temporary condition preventing an individual from:

  • completing normal activities, including but not limited to work or school, and
  • requires supervision to ensure their health and safety.

Income Eligibility and Verification System (IEVS) - A verification system consisting of automated matches for unemployment compensation benefits (UCB), Retirement, Survivors and Disability Insurance System (RSDI), Medicare Part A and B payer and premium amount, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and Internal Revenue Services (IRS) match information.

Indigent - Sponsored non-citizens who are unable to support themselves without receiving SNAP assistance.

Initial Month - The first month the CG receives benefits for the first time, or following any time the EDG was not approved. The initial month for migrant and seasonal farmworkers is the first month the CG is approved for benefits following a period of more than 30 days since the CG was approved.

In-Kind Income - Goods or services provided instead of cash.

Institution - A place providing its residents over 50% of 3 meals daily (college, nursing home, etc.). With certain exceptions, residents of institutions are not eligible for SNAP.

Exception: Residents of institutions described in Special Situations

  • An organization, establishment, foundation, society, or group promoting a particular cause or program, especially a public, educational or charitable interest. 

Examples: banks, community colleges, hospitals. (General definition.)

Institution of Higher Education - Any public or private educational institution (including correspondence or on-line institutions) which:

  • normally requires a high school diploma or equivalency certificate for enrollment; or
  • offers degree programs regardless of whether a high school diploma is required.


    • Colleges
    • Universities
    • Business, vocational, trade, and technical schools

An institution of higher education does not include adult basic education programs.

Intentional Program Violation (IPV) - Without any reference to benefit amount, shall consist of having intentionally:

  • made a false or misleading statement,
  • misrepresented,
  • concealed, or
  • withheld facts.

Committing an act which violates the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008, as amended, SNAP regulations, or State statute for the purpose of using, presenting, transferring, acquiring, receiving, possessing, or trafficking benefits or EBT cards.

Interim Change - Changes becoming known outside of application, periodic report form, or renewal.

Iraqi Special Immigrant (SIV) - Special immigrant status granted by INA under Section 101(a)(27) to an individual from Iraq who worked with the U.S. government.

IRS - Internal Revenue Service

IRS Offset Payment - All or a portion of the Federal tax refund is deducted to pay a debt.