RCE - Regular Categorical Eligibility

REAA - Refugee Education Assistance Act of 1980

Real Property - Real property is:

  • land, buildings, crops, or other assets attached to or within the land, or
  • improvements or fixtures permanently attached to the land or a structure on it.

Reasonable Accommodation - Reasonable accommodation means making reasonable changes to the Department’s policies, practices, or procedures to allow an individual with a disability to fully participate in the services, benefits, activities, and programs administered by the Department. Reasonable accommodation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Changes in the application or renewal process to allow an individual to establish and maintain eligibility.
  • Completing a home visit.
  • Providing materials in Braille, tape, or large print.
  • Requesting assistance of a specialized worker. 

Reasonable accommodation does not include:

  • altering the nature of the program, 
  • causing undue fiscal or administrative burden on the Department, or
  • waiving any eligibility factor.

Refugee - A non-citizen admitted to the United States under Section 207 of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Refugees are non-citizens who sought residence in the United States in order to avoid persecution in their country of origin. Unlike asylees, who did not apply for the right to lawfully stay in the United States until after their arrival, refugees apply for and are granted the right to lawfully enter the United States while living overseas.

Refusal to Cooperate - Refusal to cooperate means the household is able to cooperate, but shows the worker/QC reviewer they will not take required actions to complete the required process.

Example: The EDG refuses to be interviewed not just misses the interview.

Renewal - A complete review of all eligibility factors required to determine continued eligibility for SNAP benefits.

Representative Income - Representative income is amounts within the range of what would be the typical or usual amount of the EDG’s income.

Representative Payee - An individual who receives payment on behalf of another individual who cannot manage or direct the management of their benefits or payments.

Retail Food Store - Retail food store generally means an establishment authorized by FNS to accept benefits.

The following require authorization by FNS:

Note: This list is not all inclusive. FNS may authorize other types of establishments.

The following establishments may be authorized by FNS to accept benefits or may be authorized representatives/shoppers for the residents:

Retirement, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (RSDI) - Commonly referred to as Social Security Benefits; paid by the Social Security Administration. Verify RSDI using BENDEX.

Royalty Payment - A payment to an owner for the use of property. 


  • Copyrights
  • Franchises
  • Music
  • Natural resources
  • Patents